“I strongly believe this videography increased the value of a recent case by no less than a half-million dollars.

These guys understands storytelling, and that at the heart of every great legal case is an even better human story.”

Kenny Berger
Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger

“Their combined experience in television and litigation make them uniquely qualified to help my clients. Their story telling ability and video quality are assets in every case.”

Brady Thomas
Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman, LLC

“I use Jay with Focus DMG because I learn that there are many other aspects of the case that I had not recognized. This is due to their experience in the investigation of cases and the execution of production.”

Meredith Hinton
Ricci Law Firm

Litigation Video
Win Big Without Trial

Our success rate is off the charts with these videos. To this day, not one case has gone to court that used our litigation videos. These videos are designed to properly maximize damages by showing the impact an incident has had on the entire world surrounding your client. In many instances we can show how a case can be turned into a systems case vs. a one-off case.

Our relationships with our clients allows us to take all of the elements in your case and visually convey them to your audience no matter who they may be, including deposition video to be included in a litigation production. We do this by teaming with you and letting you know the material that we will need to include in a video that can be lethal to the defense when shown.

Learn How To Build Your Case Like A Movie


People look to the screen to be informed, entertained, and persuaded. When you follow Hollywood's 7-Figure Framework you'll connect emotionally with your audience and compel them to give you a larger settlement - what the authors call a Box Office Verdict.

In this book, we reveal this 7-Figure Framework and explain how to win larger settlements by following each step. By using this formula that Hollywood has used for years to move money out of your pocket, you'll be able to put more money in your pocket and the pocket of your client. It begins when you learn how to Build Your Case Like a Movie.

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